South Carolina Governor's Office

Tips for Advocates

The documents found on this tab are available for Victim Service Providers (VSP) to use in setting up their office, organizing weekly and monthly statistical reports, listing daily and monthly activity etc. The State Office of Victim Assistance will periodically update this section in an attempt to provide tips and tools to assist the Victim Service Providers statewide. Please feel free to download the documents and alter to your own specifications. There is also a checklist that provides the VSP with guidance in assisting crime victims with filling out the compensation application; thereby, ensuring that the VSP has compiled and collected all necessary documents to submit with the SOVA application and reviewed all information with the victim/claimant prior to sumbission.
  1. Tips for Advocates
  2. Victim Advocate Procedural Manual
  3. Crime Victims' Compensation Technical Assistance Checklist Form
  4. Weekly Calendar Sample
  5. Monthly Calendar Sample
  6. Weekly Statistical Report
  7. Monthly Statistical Report
  8. Crime Victim Communication Form
  9. Courtroom Assistance Form